We are experts in people and organisations in change.
This is our manifesto!
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We are a consulting agency with focus on cultural, structural, communicative and behavioural development for organisations in change.
Based on your needs and current situation, we ensure your journey to change is a successful one.
This is how we DO it:


Make your digital work happen!



Get the employees and clients you deserve!



Boost the doingness* of your entire organisation!


People Interim

Do you need on-site consulting for shorter or longer periods, to really make change happen?
We offer you interim project managers and people change managers in the areas of communication, marketing, HR and business development.

"Doings showed a keen understanding of our needs, and at the same time the courage to challenge us, which was valuable. We work in the idea-based sector where wills are strong and high in numbers. Doings handled it brilliantly, helping us unite in the same direction and find a common denominator in our management. Your crystal clear theoretical foundation, and the simplicity with which you describe models and train new behaviour, has provided us with the tools to navigate and develop our management."
Annette Illes
HR Manager, Studieförbundet Bilda
"One of our business departments showed a strong desire to work on developing the management team and leadership. Over the course of a year, Doings led the management team on their change journey on issues regarding leadership today and tomorrow, as well as managing the unknown. The team were provided with the necessary tools and are now well equipped for the future in this competitive environment. Many thanks for all the inspiration and concrete tools!"
Helena Walter
HR Manager, WSP
"We are a small organisation with the goal of hiring more people to expand our business. In order to succeed with our expansion goals, we saw a need to ensure that the entire organisation is involved, and that all managers have the tools to meet our goals. Doings helped us to establish the target for the whole organisation, as well as provide us managers with concrete tools to push everyone in the same direction. The result is that we now have completely new conditions to reach our goals, as everyone is involved!"
Patrik Frisk
CEO Agero
"Over the past year, we have undergone an exciting period of growth where Doings have continuously helped us build our internal structure, culture and employer brand. Doings have been the sounding board for us managers and employees, and have held workshops on topics like success factors and leadership. We have become stronger in our role as a company and employer, and are now better equipped to continue our journey!"
Per Emanuelsson
CEO & Founder Humans since 1982

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Meet our Doers!

We are a consulting agency of experts on people and organisations in change.
Our combined expertise includes human resources, leadership and organisational development, marketing, communication and digital change projects. All centred around the journey of our client and their employees!

We know how to create engagement and effectiveness within organisations to bring everyone together on your change journey and achieve your results. And have fun on the way!
We call ourselves Doers!

Tony Lantz
Our Doer in change management and project management who puts people and behavioural change at the centre. A peppy cycling nerd who loves messmör.
  • "Life is Good!"
Anna Hamilton
Our Doer in people analytics and human resources who is heavily dependent on coffee and music. Hits the highest note in the song ”Picadilly Circus”.
  • "Without numbers it´s just another opinion"
Eva Lindvik
Our Doer in leadership, communication and behaviour. A fairly poised Ålander with rolled-up sleeves who has stopped playing office.
  • "It's more fun when you're having fun!"
Lena Noaksson
Our Doer in growth and organisational culture. Extremely social! A football coach with a strong desire for fresh air who loves to wake up in the morning.
  • "Happiest when you die wins!"
Emma Forsgren
Our Doer in work, culture and talent of the future. A very impatient Skelleftean who can name every lift system in the Alps backwards. In her sleep. Oh, and she’s also CEO.
  • "How hard can it be?"
Johanna Friman
Our Doer in brand building, communication and strategic process management. A sauna freak raised on an island in the archipelago. Always happy!
  • "You never make a person happy in vain"
Sofia Swedenborg
Our Doer in digital communication. A possessor of patience and endurance to be envied! Loves early mornings in the country and yoga on the dock.
  • "Book the trip, buy the shoes and eat the cake!"
Leila Ljungberg
Our Doer in co-leadership & culture for organisations of tomorrow. Deliberately avoids the term ”agile” even though it defines her passion! Kickboxer and lifter of crazy heavy weights who meditates to train her brain.
  • "Sharing is caring "
Sanna Sundell
Our Doer in business development and leadership with focus on digitalised change processes. A brutal nerd in communication and client experience who, despite her Finnish-Swedish heritage, loves people who laugh. Out loud!
  • "Keep shining!"
Camilla Wikland
Our Doer in project management with focus on talent management, digitalisation and employer branding of the future. A tireless long-distance running spreader of joy who loves the great outdoors and a good cup of coffee.
  • "Dream of running 10k and you'll do 20!"
Gustav Roth
Our Doer in leadership development, culture and employeeship. A cat among the pigeons who sings uninterrupted without knowing, loves to exercise and will not say no to an ice bath.
  • "Women must run the world"
Frida Monsén
Our doer in digital learning & development. Former gaming nerd. Currently uses gamification to level life. Cleaning is every day meditation. Vegetarian since the 1980s.
  • "Only the dead fish follow the stream"

Our method is simple:
Learning by Doings

Successful change is dependent on the power of action in the organisation! That is why we help YOU to be the leader and driver of change, with the help of our people experts. We help you start, act, evaluate and succeed. Together we create long-term development and lasting skills, even after our experts have left.

Curious about our method for creating sustainable change?

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(these too in Swedish)

Gustav Roth

The Asshole Test

Vet ni han riskkapitalisten Chris Sacca? Med sitt stora skägg och karaktäristiska skogshuggarskjorta ser han ser lite ut som en rockstjärna i ett band för Söderhipsters. Men trots sitt okonventionella yttre är han är vid 44 års ålder god..

Leila & Tony

Att leda förändring – 5 lärdomar från startup-världen

Hej bästa kämpande chef! Särskilt du som kämpar med att skapa mer förändringskraft hos dina medarbetare. Men som har medarbetare som redan idag klagar över överbelastning, som vill ha löneförhöjning så fort en ny arbetsuppgift kommer på tal 🤦‍♂️? Du..

Camilla & Frida

Learning overload?

Svunnen är den one-size-fits-all-tid, när kompetensutveckling handlade om att samla alla på samma tid och plats för att lyssna på en person som levererar ett förutbestämt innehåll. Idag ger sociala medier, intranät, specialdesignade spel, strömmande videotjänster, VR och AR..

Anna Hamilton m vänner

Human Onboarding

Oh no. Inte ett system till. Inte ännu en färgglad app som ska lösa allt som de där fyrtioelva andra verktygen inte kunnat göra. Nu finns det ”äntligen ett sätt att jobba effektivare, mindre administrativt, mer strategiskt, teambaserat, agilt,..